Bad links are like bad friends. They can ruin your reputation and can get you in trouble.

The same applies for bad links. Bad links can:

– penalize your website;

– penalize your trustflow;

penalize your website ranking.

Stay away from them. If your website has bad links, the right thing to do is to disavow such bad links. How to do it?

The first and more problematic thing is to detect the bad links your website has.

This service will do it in your place!!!

What does the service offer?

The service offers:

the bad links disavow.

Price of the service

$ 60


The report of the bad links to disavow would be provided within few days from the day of the purchase.

Required information

Contact us by skype or by email to collect the following information:

– URL of the website to analyze.


We need access to your Google Webmaster and follow this link:

It’s the only way to send the report to Google.


Contact us in Skype in order to buy this service.